Startup Solutions

Startup Solution

Startup solutions

Orvisoft believes in being innovative and presenting new ideas to the world. For this very reason, we strongly appreciate and encourage the startups. Being the owner of a startup can open a gateway of challenges and put one under a tremendous load of responsibilities.

Orvisoft extends its services to the startup companies as well. We deliver our services in a number of departments namely:

  • Technical Assistance
  • Technical Resource Outsourcing
  • Ecommerce Business
  • New/ innovative ideas

We provide the best possible services in these departments:

1. Technical Assistance:

At orvisoft, we have a wide range of talented individuals who are working under different domains. We also provide the technical assistance to the startups in the respective fields. The terms and conditions of this assistance is quite flexible which makes things a little easier for the startups. As of now, we have a team working in android, iOS, VoIP, web and Ecommerce development.

2. Technical Resource Outsourcing:

Orvisoft also provides technical resource outsourcing. If you are looking for an outsourcing resource within the economical range, then Orvisoft is your go-to station. We provide the best resources in the respective fields. We guarantee to provide you the best possible solutions for your problems. Our products are efficient, reliable and delivered within the time. Our service is not only very economical but also saves you a huge sum. We have a number of payment packages ranging from hourly/daily/monthly schemes. We also provide rental schemes.

3. Ecommerce Business:

Are you looking to start your own magnificent Ecommerce website but facing some difficulties? We can provide you with the best possible solutions to your problems. Our expert team of developers can help you jumpstart your business idea in the most optimized way. Explain your ideas to us and we can help you in making them a reality. Our talented developers work hard to bring you the site just according to your requirements.

4. New/innovative ideas:

Orvisoft highly encourages innovative ideas in this field. Our proficient team of developers, designers and testers can help you build your idea into a reality. Pitch your idea to us and we will do our best to help you achieve it.


Seeking help from a team of highly skilled and polished people at Orvisoft can not only help you jumpstart your business but it can also provide you the assistance you need to survive in this booming industry. Our multiple payment packages makes getting our services extremely easy and economical for different organizations. For confidentiality purpose, we also sign a non-disclosure agreement which suits both the parties.

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